In 2019 praten we extra over Toegankelijkheid. Zo spraken we in oktober over de toegankelijkheid van poppodia en evenementen. En wie wat doet. Er zijn nogal wat initiatieven die we hier vermelden.

Een van de vervolgstappen (die op stapel staat) is een gesprek waarbij we inventariseren hoe onderstaande initiatieven elkaar zouden kunnen versterken:

  • De Agenda Inclusieve Podiumkunsten 2021-2024, die op 29 november wordt gepresenteerd op DanceAble, vind je hier
  • Meer informatie over het Themanetwerk Festivals en evenementen van de Coalitie voor Inclusie, vind je hier
  • Het Actieplan Toegankelijkheid poppodia, evenementen & festivals van o.a. VNPF en VVEM, vind je hier

Het verslag van het gesprek volgt later, maar bij deze voor de ge?nteresseerden alvast een heleboel leesvoer:


En verdere achtergrondinformatie over de initiatieven van The British Council:

  1. There is lots of experience in the UK about how arts funders and ministries can respond to changes in Disability legislation and social change. British Council has supported the introduction of experts in this field to arts councils and ministries seeking to develop their work in this area. For example, in Portugal, Arts Council England are supporting professional development of Arts Council Portugal staff. This is funded partly by British Council and partly by Arts Council Portugal. We would always be interested in seeing how we could support an exchange of information and experience.
  2. For more information in general how to facilitate change in this area, this overview written by Head of Diversity, Arts Council England is very useful:
  3. Regarding access to pop concerts we have commissioned a film regarding how large and small organisations can make change. One of the case studies is Glastonbury Festival. The film can be found on our website:
  4. The key partner for this work is Attitude is Everything. They champion, train and consult on how to improve access to live music for deaf and disabled people. Every 2 years they also publish an important report: ?State of Access Report?. They survey and ?mystery shop? hundreds of arts organisations. Each 2 years there is a slightly different focus ? ticketing, access itself etc. You can find the latest report here: This could be the type of report that the Ministry or other organisations could be commissioning in response to your motions. British Council has commissioned translations of some of their toolkits for arts organisations. There are no Dutch versions yet but we could do in partnership with the Ministry or other organisations.
  5. Lastly, Arts Council England have also carried out data research on disabled people in the cultural workforce: (which I strongly believe is one of the key elements of success).